E-mail's are hosted by Google Apps for Business, and cost $100 to set up and $300 per year to maintain.

Personal domain

Personal Domains are hosted by WordPress and GoDaddy and cost $100 to set up and $300 per year

Additional Services

Any additional services, design, maintennace, special landing pages are charged at $500 per hour

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How cool would it be to have a unique portal for your family and personalized email accounts for the entire Blatt family. Get in touch with us asap before some other Blatt takes the name you want


A personalized and dedicated email account like is a great way to set yourself apart and make a great first impression. Its great to be a member of the extended Blatt family - ask me, I know, sincerely,  Anric Blatt

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OK, so if youre interested, just enter your details in the form below, so that I can get in touch with you, confirm the email address that you would like and go from there